Saturday, July 31, 2010

sweet gift

roses & smiley - a birthday gift from KL to Penang...thanks Nad!!!
 buah tangan utk mak....a box of orange mini cuppies ( ni gambar sebiji je!!!)

ni oder dr Peggy for her colleagues & staffs of her Div - a farewell treat.

a box of bite size for O&S team from Michelle

yg ni kak Ana oder utk teman2 sekelas anaknya - carrot walnut dgn cream cheese dlm individual dome container

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pooh, Car, Sponge Bob and Barney

These are for Joshua's 1st birthday party ordered by his lovely mommy, Ghanty...
...and mommy Ghanty treat her colleague with these carrot walnut cheese cuppies .

thank you very much Ghanty!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

graduation hat with scroll and brownies

being my good & loyal customer & colleague azrita nak cuppies yg bertema 'graduation'....scroll tu ita punya idea suruh buatkan!!...thank you la ita sbb support my hobby ni. awak buat sy more adventurous!!!
 thank you babe!!!

this is for leen, my colleague jugak. brownies with marble cheese utk makan2 with her family...hope they enjoy it & thank you leen.

carrot walnut utk emak

ninie order these carrot walnut with cream cheese for her deary mak!!! ninie chubby ni mmg suka sangat dgn kek ni....utk mak ke atau ko je yg abiskan???!!
jgn marah arr.. ninie...thank you so much for d order ye.